Welcome to Northmace

Great -british -designWith a heritage stretching back 75 years and customers in over 100 countries, we have revolutionised hotel bedrooms across the world; inventing the Hotel Safety Kettle, the Hotel Safety Hairdryer, the Hotel Welcome Tray and the Hotel Ironing Centre. Now it is hard to imagine life without them! Our story is simple.  After spending a lot of time travelling, we noticed that many products found in hotel bedrooms were badly designed and of poor quality. So we decided to change things and build a business designing and manufacturing innovative, quality products specially for hotel use.

It is easy to see why so many General Managers and Executive Housekeepers place their trust in Northmace.  We lead the way with innovative design, superb reliability and features specifically for the hotel industry. We are a family owned business and care about our customers. 

The Northmace Guarantee

When you choose Northmace, you do not simply purchase a product. You purchase peace of mind. We guarantee virtually all our products for a minimum of 3 years and some for 6 years. We also give you long term customer care, technical advice, and superlative support.

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Our products are manufactured to the highest international standards.  Each electrical item contains market leading safety features to ensure peace of mind for you the hotelier. 

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Designers and Manufacturers

We have a passion for design and care deeply about the quality of our products.  We want to be the best and ensure that hoteliers and guests alike fully appreciate the Northmace experience. 

Initial product research, design and development is carried out at our UK based headquarters. Some of the world’s top designers focus on creating unique products that are sustainable, reliable, safe and have a timeless appeal.